How to Unlock Galaxy S20 from Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile

Simple swapping of SIM cards isn’t that simple if you’ve purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 from ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Cricket carrier in the USA. Of course, these SIM card locks from various carriers aren’t permanent and there are various ways to unlock them if you want to use your smartphone abroad or just want to swap the SIM card carrier. 

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the detailed guide on how to carrier unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 based on various carriers respectively!

How to Unlock AT&T Samsung Galaxy S20

You can either request the carrier itself to unlock your mobile or you can follow the below-given procedure. 

#1. To start with, turn off your Galaxy S20. 

#2. Next, take the AT&T SIM card out of the slot on S20. 

#3. Now insert the SIM of the other carrier and turn on the Galaxy S20 again. 

#4. The next step is to enter the unlock code given by AT&T to you when the S20 prompts you to enter it. 

#5. You should now complete the remaining on-screen instructions as shown on the device and it will unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 on AT&T within a matter of minutes!


How to Unlock T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S20

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S20 on T-Mobile is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to follow.

#1. Swipe up on the home screen and open the Apps tray and tap on Settings!

#2. Now head over to Connections > More Connection Settings > Network Unlock. 

#3. You will now find two options that are Permanent unlock and Temporary unlock. You can prefer any option depending on your choice. Note that temporary unlock requires mobile data, so the permanent option is recommended which works on Wi-Fi as well. 

#4. Once you select any of the two options, wait until the device requests the unlocking and restart the device once done. 

This completes the unlock procedure of Samsung Galaxy S20 on T-Mobile carrier. 

How to Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20

To unlock your Galaxy S20 on Sprint carrier, you need to use the SIM card for at least 50 days on the Sprint network. Once you’re done with that, you can follow the below-given procedure to unlock the device. 

#1. Dial *#06# to know your IMEI number. 

#2. Now contact the Sprint Customer Care representative by dialing 1-866-866-7509 to get your unlock code upon request. It usually takes somewhere up to 24-48 hours to get the unlock code on your email. 

#3. While talking to customer care, you need to specify whether you need an international unlock code or a domestic unlock code. Based on this, you will be charged a certain amount and upon successful payment, you will get the unlock code in your email. 

#4. Once you get the code, you need to replace the Sprint carrier SIM with another SIM card of your choice and enter the unlock code received in the email when the screen prompts up on Galaxy S20. 

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 on Cricket Carrier!

Out of all carriers, Cricket is the toughest one to unlock as you need to use the SIM card for 6 long months to get eligible to unlock the device. Make sure you have paid the complete payment of the contract period to not face any issues later on during unlocking!

#1. Get your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on Galaxy S20. 

#2. Store your IMEI number in a safe place and contact the customer care representative of Cricket Carrier. Share the IMEI number with them when asked and they will now check the device’s eligibility to get unlocked. 

#3. Once everything is verified, they will now send you the unlock code via email after few days. 

#4. Now insert the new SIM card (other than Cricket Carrier) in your Samsung Galaxy S20 and enter the unlock code received in your email to get your S20 unlocked!

Well, that’s how easy it is to get your S20 unlocked on Cricket carrier!

Final Words!

Given the most popular carriers, we’ve tried our best to help you with unlocking your brand new Samsung Galaxy 20. Would you wish to get more information on unlocking your S20 on other carriers? Do let us know in the comments and we will guide you with all details at the earliest! 

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