How to use the spirit calling bell

Are you curious about how to use the spirit calling bell? Look no further! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

You’ll learn how to:
– Create a quiet and reverent setting,
– Hold and ring the bell,
– Set your intentions or invocations.

So get ready to connect with the spirit world as we explore the wonderful world of the spirit calling bell.

Understanding the Spirit Calling Bell

To understand the Spirit Calling Bell, you can start by familiarizing yourself with its purpose and how it works. This unique device is designed to connect individuals with the spiritual realm. It serves as a tool for communication, allowing you to reach out to departed loved ones or seek guidance from higher beings.

The Spirit Calling Bell operates by creating a channel between our world and the spiritual plane. When activated, it emits a distinctive sound that acts as a signal for spirits to respond and make their presence known.

You can only summon Spirits when you are near enemies and a purple gravestone icon should appear on the left side of your screen.

This bell has been used for centuries by spiritual practitioners and those seeking a connection beyond our physical existence. By understanding its purpose and functionality, you can effectively utilize the Spirit Calling Bell to engage in spiritual communication.

Elden ring

Elden Ring You may well come across some summons before you even have the means to call on them, however.

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Simply answer the question with ‘I can call the spectral steed’, and she’ll grant you two items that once belonged to Torrent’s former master.

They are also different from normal NPC summons that typically only appear outside of boss arenas to help you in the major battles.

A white gravestone icon will appear at the bottom left side of the screen, indicating Spirit Summons are available. It explains the basics of a boss fight, what to look for, how to react properly!

Selecting a Quiet and Reverent Setting

Find a quiet and reverent setting where you can use the Spirit Calling Bell comfortably and without distractions. It’s important to create an environment that allows you to fully focus on your spiritual practice.

Choose a location where you feel at peace, away from noise and disturbances. This could be a quiet room in your home, a serene garden, or a secluded spot in nature. Ensure that the setting promotes a sense of tranquility and reverence, as this will enhance your connection with the spirit realm.

Inside Stormveil Castle itself you’ll find your first Chrysalid key item close to the scuttering enemy type which killed you right at the start of the game.

This one summons three large spectral wolves that can pull aggro, distract enemies, or keep a boss occupied while you dish out damage.

Eliminate any potential distractions, such as electronic devices or loud noises. Dim the lights, light a candle, or play soft music to create a soothing ambiance.

Holding and Ringing the Bell

Once you have selected a quiet and reverent setting, it’s important to understand how to hold and ring the Spirit Calling Bell effectively.

To hold the bell, grasp it firmly but gently with your dominant hand. Make sure your fingers are wrapped around the handle, allowing the bell to rest comfortably in your palm. Keep your wrist relaxed and your arm extended in front of you.

When it’s time to ring the bell, bring it close to your body and give it a gentle shake. Allow the sound to resonate before bringing the bell back to its original position.

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It’s important that you visit Renna early on in your quest to become Elden Lord.

Elden Ring – Spirit Calling Bell Location (Familiar Summons) How to get Spirit Calling Bell elden ring without renna.

Only one type of spirit may be summoned at once, and none may be summoned during multiplayer.

Setting Intentions or Invocations

When setting intentions or invocations, begin by focusing your mind and heart on the energy you wish to call forth. This is a crucial step in harnessing the power of the Spirit Calling Bell.

Take a moment to quiet your thoughts and connect with your inner self. Visualize the specific intention or invocation you want to manifest. Whether it’s love, abundance, healing, or guidance, be clear and specific in your intentions.

Feel the energy of your desire flowing through you, filling every cell of your being. Once you have established a strong connection with your intention, hold the Spirit Calling Bell in your hand and ring it with purpose and conviction.

The sound vibrations will amplify and send your intentions out into the universe, attracting the energy you seek. Trust in the process and have faith that your intentions will be heard and answered.

Reflecting and Concluding the Session

To wrap up your session with the Spirit Calling Bell, take a moment to reflect on the energy you have invoked and the intentions you have set. Close your eyes and tune in to the sensations and emotions that arose during the session. Was there a shift in the energy around you? Did you feel a stronger connection with the spiritual realm? Reflecting on these aspects can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your session.

Next, consider whether your intentions were clear and aligned with your desired outcome. Did you set a specific intention or ask for guidance on a particular issue? Assess whether you felt a sense of clarity or received any messages that relate to your intentions.

To advance that quest, speak to the blacksmith – Master Hewg, you’ll find a conversation option about him watching over Roderika, which later turns into you convincing him that it’s her wish to learn spirit tuning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should a Typical Session With the Spirit Calling Bell Last?
A typical session with the spirit calling bell should last as long as you desire. It’s up to you to determine the length based on your needs and the guidance you receive from the spirits.

Can the Spirit Calling Bell Be Used to Contact Specific Spirits or Only to Invite General Spiritual Presence?
You can use the Spirit Calling Bell to contact specific spirits or invite general spiritual presence. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to connect with the spirit world in various ways.

Are There Any Specific Rituals or Practices That Should Be Followed Before and After Using the Spirit Calling Bell?
Before and after using the Spirit Calling Bell, it’s important to follow specific rituals and practices to ensure a successful experience. These rituals can vary depending on your beliefs and traditions.

What are the best Spirit Summons for the late game in Elden Ring?
Anonymous i’m in late game and i heard first time this item.

Is It Necessary to Have Prior Experience or Knowledge in Spiritual Practices to Effectively Use the Spirit Calling Bell?
Nah, you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge in spiritual practices to effectively use the spirit calling bell. It’s pretty straightforward and anyone can give it a try.

Can the Spirit Calling Bell Be Used in a Group Setting, or Is It Primarily Meant for Individual Use?
The spirit calling bell can be used in both individual and group settings, enhancing the collective energy and creating a powerful experience. It doesn’t require prior experience or knowledge in spiritual practices to be effective.


In conclusion, the Spirit Calling Bell is a powerful tool for connecting with the spiritual realm. By selecting a quiet and reverent setting, holding and ringing the bell, and setting intentions or invocations, you can create a sacred space for reflection and communication.

Remember to take time to reflect and conclude the session, allowing the energy to settle and the messages to integrate.

The Spirit Calling Bell can be a valuable addition to anyone’s spiritual practice.

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