How to find dj on spotify

Are you looking to discover new DJs and their music on Spotify? In this article, we’ll show you how to easily find DJ profiles and playlists so you can enjoy their mixes and tracks.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to navigate the Spotify app or website, search for your favorite DJ, and start following their profile for future updates.

Get ready to dive into a world of incredible DJ talent right at your fingertips!

Accessing the Spotify App or Website

To access Spotify, you’ll need to download the app on your device or visit the website. It’s easy to get started.

If you’re using a mobile device, simply go to your app store and search for ‘Spotify.’ Once you find the app, tap on ‘Install’ and wait for it to download and install on your device.

Ensure that you have a Spotify Premium subscription as the AI DJ feature is only available to Premium subscribers.

Simply add some detail to your question and refine the title if needed, choose the relevant category, then post.

To get Spotify AI DJ, you must first be a Premium user of the service.

DJ is a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well it can choose what to play for you.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can open it and sign in with your Spotify account or create a new one if you don’t have an account yet.

Navigating to the Search Bar

First, locate the search bar at the top of the Spotify app or website. This is the key to finding your favorite DJ on Spotify. Whether you’re using the app on your phone or accessing the website on your computer, the search bar is always in the same place. Look for the magnifying glass icon or the word ‘Search’ at the top of the screen.

Once you locate it, simply tap or click on the search bar to activate it. A keyboard will appear, allowing you to type in the name of the DJ you’re looking for. As you start typing, Spotify will begin to suggest relevant search results, making it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Entering the DJ’s Name or Artist Profile

Enter the DJ’s name or go to their artist profile to find them on Spotify. Once you’re on the Spotify homepage, locate the search bar at the top of the screen. Click on the search bar and type in the name of the DJ you’re looking for. As you begin typing, Spotify will provide suggestions to help you find the correct DJ. Select the DJ’s name from the suggestions or press enter to view the search results.

Alternatively, you can directly go to the DJ’s artist profile if you already know their name. To do this, click on the ‘Search’ tab at the bottom of the screen, then select ‘Artists’ and enter the DJ’s name in the search bar. Once you reach the DJ’s artist profile, you can explore their music and playlists.

Dynamic ai voice platform

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We put this in the hands of our music editors to provide you with insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres you’re listening to.

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To create the voice model for the DJ, we partnered with our own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan.

Exploring DJ Playlists and Mixes

Once you have found the DJ’s artist profile on Spotify, explore their playlists and mixes to discover their unique sound.

DJ playlists are curated collections of songs that reflect the artist’s taste and style. They often include both the DJ’s own tracks and songs from other artists that they admire or are influenced by.

Starting today, Spotify Premium users in select markets** in Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as those in Australia and New Zealand, can access DJ in the English version of the app.

These playlists can give you a deeper understanding of the DJ’s musical preferences and the genres they specialize in.

DJ’s powerful combination of our personalization technology, generative AI in the hands of our music experts, and a dynamic AI voice makes it possible for listening to feel even more personal, and fans keep coming back for more.

Additionally, DJs often upload mixes to their profiles, which are continuous sets of songs seamlessly blended together. These mixes showcase the DJ’s mixing skills and can provide a glimpse into their live performances.

Following or Saving the DJ’s Profile for Future Updates

To stay updated on the latest releases and updates from your favorite DJ, simply follow or save their profile on Spotify.

By following their profile, you’ll receive notifications whenever they release new tracks, playlists, or albums. This way, you can be one of the first to listen to their latest creations.

Additionally, following their profile allows you to see what they’re currently listening to, which can give you insight into their musical tastes and inspirations.

Spotify DJ is a blend of the platform’s own personalization technology, which gives you a line-up of music recommendations based on what you like, and generative AI through the use of OpenAI technology.

On the other hand, if you save their profile, you can easily access their music library and playlists whenever you want. This is especially useful if you want to explore their previous releases or curated mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find DJs on Spotify Using Any Other Music Streaming Platforms?
Yes, you can find DJs on Spotify as well as other music streaming platforms. They have their own profiles and playlists where you can discover their latest mixes and tracks.

How Can I Filter My Search Results to Only Show DJs on Spotify?
To filter your search results on Spotify and only show DJs, you can use the search bar and type in “DJ” or the name of the specific DJ you’re looking for.

DJ Sets on Spotify ?
You do not have permission to remove this product association.

Is It Possible to Listen to DJ Mixes and Live Sets on Spotify?
Yes, it is possible to listen to DJ mixes and live sets on Spotify. Many DJs upload their mixes and sets to the platform, allowing you to enjoy their music and performances.

Can I Access a Dj’s Social Media Profiles Directly From Their Spotify Artist Page?
Yes, you can access a DJ’s social media profiles directly from their Spotify artist page. Just go to their page, scroll down, and you’ll find links to their social media accounts.

Are There Any Limitations on Following or Saving DJ Profiles on Spotify?
There are no limitations on following or saving DJ profiles on Spotify. You can easily find DJs by searching for their names in the search bar and then follow or save their profiles.


So, there you have it! Finding a DJ on Spotify is as easy as accessing the app or website, navigating to the search bar, and entering the DJ’s name or artist profile.

Once you find their profile, you can explore their playlists and mixes to discover new music. Don’t forget to follow or save their profile to stay updated with their latest releases.

Happy DJ hunting on Spotify!

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