How to change color of chrome

Want to personalize your Chrome browser? In this article, we’ll show you how to change the color of Chrome to suit your style.

You’ll learn how to access the settings, choose a theme, and adjust appearance settings.

If you’re still undecided, know that category displays eight of the top-rated themes for that content type, but you can expand that category by clicking the View All button.

We’ll even explore installing extensions for more color customization options.

Whether you want a vibrant splash of color or a calming, minimalist look, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to make your Chrome browsing experience uniquely yours.

Accessing Chrome Settings:

To access Chrome settings, simply click on the three-dot menu icon located in the top right corner of the browser window. This icon is your gateway to customizing and personalizing your Chrome browsing experience.

Once you click on the icon, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of options. From there, you’ll see the ‘Settings’ option. Click on it, and a new tab will open with various settings that you can modify to suit your preferences.

Select your theme preference under ‘Choose your default app mode’ to apply it to Chrome and other supported apps.

However, this method does not work in the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge, nor does it alter the appearance of Google’s website.

Yet, I am very glad someone picked it up and fixed it for the newest Chrome versions.

Here, you can change your default search engine, manage your extensions and themes, set your startup page, and much more. Exploring the Chrome settings menu allows you to tailor your browsing experience to your liking, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Choosing a Theme

A theme is a type of extension that changes Chrome’s appearance by altering its color scheme and New Tab page background image.

Select You can even make your own Google Themes and share them with others through the Chrome Web Store.

The colors a theme applies will match its background image.

You can even create custom themes for others to use.

The Custom color option enables you to set a color with a palette.

Chrome will automatically create a light and dark version of the tone for this theme.

Here’s how to change the Chrome theme using the desktop version of Google Chrome on all operating systems, as well as on the Chrome mobile app for Android and iOS.

Background color

Changes background color but no content on any page I tried fp shooter full Feb 15, 2020 Hey, great app, BUT, when i use it and apply the BLACK color background for my webpages, there are website like Youtube, where i can’t find the scroll bar.

Posted by A Google User – Oct 21, 2018 set the color, but the color does not change Background color:,Text color:,Links color:,Visited links color:, How do I save the setting after changing the color setting (does the color change?) I set the color, but the color does not change.

Select a background category to browse the background options in that category, or click Upload from Device to use an image stored on your PC.

Adjusting Chrome Appearance Settings:

To adjust the appearance settings of Chrome, you can easily customize various aspects of the browser’s interface.

One way to do this is by changing the browser’s theme. Chrome offers a variety of themes that you can choose from, allowing you to personalize the look and feel of your browsing experience. To change the theme, simply go to the Chrome Web Store and browse through the available options. Once you find a theme that you like, click on it to preview and install it.

We have hundreds of images across different categories you can easily browse from the side panel by clicking “Change theme.” From categories like “Landscapes” to “Seascapes,” you’ll find countless images where you can pick the perfect option for you.

Now every time you go to the Chrome New Tab page, you should see your new background spread out across the page around the central search bar. 6.

From here, numerous theme options will appear, each classified under different categories of style and color.

Our best Chrome themes guide tells you about some of the superior ones available there.

Another aspect you can customize is the browser’s homepage. You can set your preferred homepage by going to the settings menu and selecting ‘Appearance.’ From there, you can choose to either show the New Tab page, your most visited sites, or a specific URL as your homepage.

Installing Extensions for Color Customization

1. First, you need to install extensions that allow you to customize the color of Chrome. These extensions provide additional functionalities and options for changing the appearance of your browser.

One popular extension is called ‘Color Changer Plus,’ which allows you to modify the color scheme of Chrome easily. To install this extension, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for ‘Color Changer Plus.’ Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, and it will be installed in your browser.

For example, Windows supports an accent color, and different Linux desktop managers customize every element of a typical window.

This new, personalized aesthetic provides a fresh and distinct browsing experience.

Another useful extension is ‘Dark Mode,’ which enables you to switch to a darker color scheme for a more eye-friendly browsing experience. Simply search for ‘Dark Mode’ in the Chrome Web Store, add it to Chrome, and enjoy the new color customization options.

Primary image

The primary image that you see is typically the image that will appear as your New Tab background, so you can use that as a guide for which one to pick.

Chrome’s New Tab page includes a customization tab to change the browser’s color scheme.

Chrome doesn’t offer a built-in method for replacing the colors of websites, so you will need to use an extension.

So, you can set Chrome’s color scheme to anything you fancy with the customization methods above.

Reverting to Default Settings

To revert to the default settings, you can easily reset the color customization options in Chrome.

If you want to undo any changes you made to the colors of Chrome, follow these simple steps.

First, click on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the browser window.

From the drop down menu, select ‘Settings.’

In the settings page, scroll down and click on ‘Advanced’ to expand the options.

Then, scroll down again and click on ‘Reset’ under the ‘Reset and clean up’ section.

A confirmation dialog will appear asking if you want to reset Chrome settings.

Click on ‘Reset settings’ to proceed.

By the way, did you know you can change the default theme color for Incognito mode as well.

Chrome Developer Tools View all Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies Redux DevTools for debugging application’s state changes.

The mobile version of Chrome doesn’t have as many options as the desktop version, but you can switch between light and dark themes.

Once you confirm, Chrome will revert to its default color scheme, restoring the original appearance of the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change the Color of Individual Websites in Chrome?
Yes, you can change the color of individual websites in Chrome. There are extensions available that allow you to customize the appearance of websites, giving you the ability to change their colors.

Is It Possible to Change the Color of the Chrome Toolbar?
Yes, you can change the color of the Chrome toolbar. It is possible to customize the appearance of the toolbar by using themes or extensions available in the Chrome Web Store.

Will Changing the Color of Chrome Affect the Appearance of Other Applications on My Device?
Changing the color of Chrome won’t affect the appearance of other applications on your device. Each app has its own settings, so you can customize Chrome without worrying about other apps.

How To Change the Tab Color in Chrome?
Alternatively, you can click on “Upload from device” to use a custom picture from the local storage.

How Can I Customize the Color of Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar?
To customize the color of Chrome’s bookmarks bar, you can go to the Chrome Web Store and search for themes. Once you find a theme you like, simply click “Add to Chrome” to change the color.

Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions When It Comes to Changing the Color of Chrome?
There are limitations and restrictions when changing the color of Chrome. Some themes or extensions may not allow complete customization, and certain elements like the toolbar or address bar may have fixed colors.


So there you have it! Changing the color of Chrome is a simple and straightforward process. By accessing the Chrome settings, choosing a theme, adjusting appearance settings, and even installing extensions, you can customize the color of your Chrome browser to match your personal preferences.

You can select a background picture, or if you want a more personalized look, you can customiz your entire Chrome layout.

Changing the color of your Google Chrome browser can greatly enhance your user experience, adding personalization and style to your daily internet browsing.

And if you ever want to go back to the default settings, it’s just as easy to revert back. Enjoy your newly customized Chrome experience!

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